A little About Us


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Commitment to excellance for our  community is what drives us.

About Us 

Started in 1998 as a carpet cleaning business with only one truck and one employee; over the years, we have grown and transitioned from our carpet and tile cleaning services to become experts on air quality improvement and energy-saving service providers.


Our Commitment

Our commitment to our community is to deliver the best services for both residential and commercial clients, while ensuring value for money.


Sense of Urgency 

Understanding the significance of pristine indoor air quality for you, we prioritize each client’s needs with immediate attention.


Expert Cleaning 

Our team of experts are trained and certified with continuous education by NADCA and EPA. They are well-versed with the most recent air duct cleaning methods, ensuring you receive nothing but the finest cleaning service.

Most Common Questions

Question: What services does Veloair offer?

Answer: Veloair offers a portfolio of services to help improve the air quality & energy efficiency in your home, including air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, chimney sweeping, attic insulation, and indoor air quality assessments.

Question: What is included in an indoor air quality assessment?

Answer: An indoor air quality assessment can help identify any pollutants that are present in your home and recommend steps to improve your indoor air quality.

Question: Does Velo Air Inc. offer free assessments?

Answer: Yes, Velo Air Inc. offers free visual assessments to assess air ducts, AC units, furnaces, vents, returns, coils, attic insulation, chimney sweeping, attic cleaning, air quality, and dryer vents for any issues.

Question: Are Velo Air Inc.’s technicians certified?

Answer: Yes, Velo Air Inc.’s technicians are NADCA and EPA certified and undergo continuous training to ensure they provide the best services possible.

Question: Does Velo Air Inc. provide any guarantees or promises?

Answer: Yes, Velo Air Inc. promises free assessments with no strings attached, total price transparency, effective communication, and delivery of promised services.

Question: How can I contact Velo Air Inc. for services?

Answer: You can call 800-379-3500 or fill out a form on their website for a free quote.

Question: What are the benefits of using Velo Air Inc. ’s services?

Answer: They can improve indoor air quality, enhance health, and help save money on energy bills.

Have more questions? Please don’t hesitate to call or message us; we will promptly respond to your inquiries.