Air duct cleaning technician opening air vent.

What To Ask About Air Duct Cleaning?

Considering getting your air ducts cleaned but not quite sure where to start or what to ask? No worries! Navigating the world of air duct cleaning can seem daunting at first, but asking the right questions can definitely help you make informed decisions and ensure you get the best service possible. Let’s go over some key questions you should ask when considering air duct cleaning.

  1. What Does Your Air Duct Cleaning Service Include?

Understanding what’s included in the service is crucial. A comprehensive air duct cleaning should involve cleaning all the vents, ductwork, and other HVAC system components. Ask if their service includes both supply and return air ducts, vents, registers, and HVAC components like the blower motor and coil.

Example: “Can you walk me through what areas and components your cleaning service will cover?”

  1. Are You Certified and Insured?

Ensure that the company you choose is certified and insured. A reputable company should have certifications from specialized organizations, for example, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), and should be fully insured to protect your home and their employees.

Example: “Can you provide details on your certifications and insurance coverage?”

  1. How Long Does the Cleaning Process Take?

The duration of the cleaning can vary based on the size of your home and the condition of your ducts. A typical cleaning can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day.

Example: “Based on the size of my home, how long do you anticipate the cleaning process will take?”

  1. What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

The type of equipment used for duct cleaning is important. Professional duct cleaning services should use specialized tools like high-powered vacuums and rotary brushes. This equipment is specifically designed to effectively clean ducts without causing damage.

Example: “Can you describe the equipment you’ll use to clean my ducts?”

  1. How Do You Ensure the Safety of My Home During Cleaning?

Make sure to ask about the safety measures they employ during cleaning. This includes protecting your furniture and ensuring no dust or debris escapes into your home during the cleaning process.

Example: “What measures do you take to protect my home and keep it clean during the duct cleaning process?”

  1. Do You Offer a Free Inspection or Estimate?

Many companies offer a free inspection or estimate. This can give you a better idea of the cost and what the cleaning entails without committing upfront.

Example: “Is it possible to get a free inspection or estimate before scheduling a cleaning?”

  1. Can You Provide References or Testimonials?

Asking for references or reading testimonials on, for example, Google or Yelp, can give you insight into the experiences of other customers. It’s a good way to gauge the company’s reputation and the quality of their work.

Example: “Do you have any customer testimonials or references I can review?”

  1. What Are the Signs That My Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

Understanding when your air ducts need cleaning can help you maintain them better in the future. Ask about signs like increased dust in your home, visible mold, or unexplained respiratory issues.

Example: “What should I look out for in the future to know when it’s time to clean my ducts again?”

  1. How Will I Know the Job Has Been Done Properly?

A reputable company should be able to explain how you can verify the job has been done effectively. This might include a visual inspection or a before-and-after comparison.

Example: “How can I assess the quality of your cleaning work after completion?”

  1. Is There Any Maintenance I Should Do After Cleaning?

Finally, ask about post-cleaning maintenance. Good companies will provide you with a list of tips on maintaining your ducts, such as regular filter changes and keeping your home clean.

Example: “What maintenance steps should I follow after the cleaning is done?”


In conclusion to your question, What to ask about air duct cleaning? asking these few questions will not only give you a clearer understanding of what to expect from air duct cleaning but also help you choose the right service provider for your needs. 

Remember, regular air duct cleaning is essential for maintaining good air quality in your home, and choosing the right company is key to getting the job done effectively.

Don’t hesitate to ask these questions – a reliable service provider will happily answer them!